HAI and Notilyze develop innovative AI platform for the (food) industry

HAI and Notilyze have started developing an innovative software platform for the Food Industry. This platform collects big data of various links in the chain, from the farm to industrial processing in the food industry.

Through the application of artificial intelligence (AI), this data provides important new insights. These insights help the various links in the chain to optimize their business processes and to guarantee food safety within the chain even better.

Experts in Food and Data analysis
HAI has more than 20 years of experience in monitoring and optimizing production processes for A-brand food manufacturers. Notilyze is specialized in data analysis techniques and cloud software development.

Microsoft Cloud Platform
The new software platform offers the possibility to collect big data in the cloud from any location and from all kinds of different systems. The platform has been developed with the latest Microsoft technology, and offers real-time dashboards, trends and reports. This immediately provides a lot of extra insights because this information has never been clearly brought together in one system before.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
To top it all, the innovative AI-based models provide new insights that were not possible before. Collecting and interpreting agricultural data not only provides interesting information for the farmer, but also for the farmer’s buyer: the manufacturer.

Scalable: easy to start
An important advantage of this new platform is that it is also very suitable for the simpler applications of data collection and visualization. This scalability makes it possible to start easily and to scale up to more advanced applications step by step.

Chain parties
HAI is in conversation with various parties to further develop these innovative applications. These include trade associations in the Food Industry, government agencies involved in food safety and innovative food manufacturers who want to make even better use of the information from their factories and chains.

Please contact Anneke van der Linde of HAI smart4industries (tel.: 06-51500542, email: avanderlinde@hai.nl). We are happy to show you how the platform also provides you with better insights and more efficient and effective collaboration

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