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We continue to develop as an organisation. In order to be able to serve our existing and future customers in a good way, we are regularly looking for people who can strengthen our team. Would you like to work at Notilyze? Send an e-mail to careers@notilyze.com.

Are you looking for a company to graduate or do an internship? We have already been able to guide many students.

Full-Stack Developer

As a Full-Stack Developer within the Software Development team you fulfill an essential role within the technical realization and maintenance of (web)applications, the graphical user interface, the technical back-end as well as integrations with other systems. Notilyze has dozens of applications; that we deploy through an automated development pipeline.

Cloud Engineer

As a Cloud Engineer you fulfill an essential role within the technical realization and maintenance of the Cloud environment where our (web)applications are hosted & our managed SAS proposition. Notilyze has dozens of environments where we realize a high uptime in combination with excellent performance.

Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer within Notilyze you work together within a team to realize and answer data-driven challenges. Notilyze has dozens of (international) customers which we assist in setting the next step towards being a data-driven organization, using SAS, SQL or open source software (Python, R).

Our mission

We want to bring data analytics within reach of every department and every company, regardless of size or industry

We believe in the power of data analytics to help professionals and organizations be more successful

We help organizations to become data-driven

We use data analytics for social topics 'data for good'


'To notilyze your data'

Notilyze was founded in 2017 with the aim of making data analytics more accessible for all types of organizations.
Founders Colin Nugteren and Tom Dogger both have a background in data analytics and extensive experience in implementing analytics solutions within organizations. In 2017 they started Notilyze together, with the aim of offering data analytics as a service in a unique, monthly model. To be able to offer this in a scalable and reliable way, Notilyze has started a partnership with SAS; market leader in data analytics software. In addition to the founders, the first employees started working at Notilyze in 2017.

In September 2018, SaasNow was added to Notilyze. In addition to hosting Notilyze's proprietary SAS platforms, SaasNow also helps other customers and partners worldwide to host and scale their SAS environment in a unique monthly model. Both Notilyze and SaasNow have grown over the years, as a result of which the team has expanded considerably in 2019 and 2020.
In March 2021 Notilyze was further expanded with a new software development branch; Notilyze IT. By offering software development in addition to data analytics and cloud solutions, Notilyze can offer an even wider range of services to its customers.
Notilyze has grown considerably since its start in 2017, but has never lost sight of its mission: ''To notilyze your data''

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