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Are you looking for a company to do a (graduation) internship at? Please contact careers@notilyze.com.
We have already been able to supervise many students, below you can view a number of experiences.

Name: Paul 
Study: Econometrics and Management Science – Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing 
Graduation subject: Estimating numbers of refugees in refugeecamps using satellite imagery

I worked at Notilyze for a year and a half as a working student and I liked it so much that I also wrote my graduation thesis here. As a working student I was given challenging assignments that matched well with what I had learned during my premaster Econometrics. And those times when it didn't fit well, I especially learned a lot. With my first project I was directly involved in the entire process; from formulating the customer's question and goal, via data preparation to coming up with a suitable solution and the presentation thereof. The choice was therefore made easy for me when I was given the opportunity to graduate here for my Master's degree in Econometrics.

Tom and Colin, the founders, find it important to come up with progressive solutions for their customers, which means that both my supervisor from the university and my supervisor at Notilyze have the same goal; a smart application of your acquired knowledge that stimulates a new contribution to the research field.
Unlike many other companies, you can also do your graduation research here five days a week. On the other hand, this means that you like a challenge, are not afraid to be thrown into the deep every now and then and that you are eager to learn. Then you've come to the right place at Notilyze!

Name: Bastiaan 
Study: Econometrics and Management Science – Quantitative Finance  
Graduation subject: Credit Scoring in the Consumer Lease and Credit Market: Updating the Benchmark 

For my master’s thesis in econometrics, I did an internship at Notilyze. I wanted to write my thesis about a finance-related subject and Notilyze gave me the opportunity to conduct a research at their company. Besides the advantage that Notilyze works on very interesting and challenging projects, I was also involved in meetings with the client for which I wrote my thesis. This part has also been a very educational and fun part of the internship. After finishing my thesis, I implemented my solution in SAS together with a colleague. During my internship at Notilyze, I learned a lot of things, because theory and reality were combined. 

Not only the econometrical activities were interesting to me. The internship took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, so I almost only worked from home. However, all colleagues were able to meet each other by means of online meetings each week. In this way, I could still experience the cohesion within the team. My colleagues were social, motivated, and helpful. An internship at Notilyze implies that you can work independently, but if any question arises you can always ask for help. 

Name: Fleur 
Study: Econometrics and Management Science – Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing
Graduation subject: Optimizing the Allocation of Investments within Online Marketing Advertising 

I was allowed to write my graduation thesis at Notilyze. Before that I was already working there as a working student. Notilyze is a young, growing company that is very busy with development, so you can learn a lot. For my thesis I searched for a topic together with Notilyze.

Colleagues were always ready to spar while writing my thesis and the atmosphere in the team is very good. In short, it is highly recommended to do your (graduation) internship at Notilyze!

Name: Milan 
Study: Commerciële Economie (CE) - Global Marketing & Sales 
Function: Marketing intern

My internship was in the field of marketing, so I thought my search would mainly focus on a company in that sector, but I'm glad I came in contact with Notilyze. This is because marketing was still in its infancy and this presented a very nice challenge, both for me and for Notilyze. I started here without any real knowledge, but thanks to the good guidance this was quickly resolved. I learned a lot about the work within Notilyze and managed to become part of the team, despite my different background.
It is very pleasant to work at Notilyze, because you are really taken seriously, you are seen as part of the team and your opinion really counts. In addition, the working atmosphere is also very pleasant, people work hard and seriously, but there is also time for relaxation.

This means that communication within the team runs smoothly, you don't have to shy away from approaching someone with a question or idea.
I would recommend Notilyze as an internship because it gives you the opportunity and the means to develop and grow. They provide enough support where you need it, but you also get enough freedom and opportunities to bring in your own ideas. In addition, you also get enough time and space to work on the assignments that you receive from your studies, they are even willing to help you with this. For me, this makes Notilyze a very nice internship!

Name: Monica 
Study: Marketing/Commerciële Economie 
Graduation subject: With which marketing/communications can Notilyze increase brand awareness within the target group of medium-sized companies?

I did my graduation internship at Notilyze for the Global, Marketing and Sales course. I would recommend graduating with Notilyze as you will be given plenty of space to work on your graduation assignment. There is a nice atmosphere where colleagues are open to think along with you or answer questions.

In addition, you also get the opportunity to participate in the daily activities, such as thinking about a video for a hackathon or making LinkedIn updates. This makes for a nice variety.

Name: Lotte 
Study: Econometrics and Management Science - Quantitative Finance 
Graduation subject: Predicting the debtor paths in a multi-state model using a hazard rate model  

I chose Notilyze because of the challenging final assignment they had and because of the ambitious and driven atmosphere. I myself have always been interested in data-driven consultancy and I enjoy working in a start-up with great growth opportunities. I really enjoyed my time here: there is a relaxed atmosphere, but there is also a lot of hard work when necessary.

In addition, my colleagues are always open to sparring about my internship assignment, which is very nice. So if you are looking for a graduation internship with a challenging final assignment within a close-knit group, Notilyze is exactly what you are looking for!

Name: Quinten  
Study: Econometrics and Operations Research 
Graduation subject: Document Delivery Optimization for a Large Debt Collection Agency

While looking for an internship, I soon came into contact with Tom and Colin, founders of Notilyze. Although they had founded Notilyze not very long ago, there were already several issues that could potentially serve as a thesis topic. In the end I did a research for one of our first customers, DirectPay. It was very instructive to apply the acquired knowledge in a rather theoretical study to a very everyday and practical problem. I also became more familiar with streamlining different interests within a project, a skill that actually comes in handy with any project.

What I particularly liked about Notilyze is the balance between autonomy and support. All resources are provided so that you can perform your work well and sparring with colleagues is very accessible. At the same time, you get all the space to use your creativity and you are very much released to puzzle things out yourself. So if you are looking for an internship and this appeals to you just like me; contact Notilyze!

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