// Analytics

// Analytics as a Service

Whether you want to extract more value from data in a generic sense or have a specific question or challenge, we will help you with a suitable solution in all respects. We offer end-to-end services on our Analytics Platform based on SAS technology. We analyze your data and convert it into meaningful information that you can immediately apply in business operations, to gain new insights, optimize processes and improve services.

Data Management

The numbers don't lie: develop an airtight strategy based on your organization's own data as presented in a clear dashboard. 

AI and IoT

Maximize the potential of tech: drastically save costs by automating your business processes and operations. 

SAS Software

Utilize all stages of the analytics lifecycle: convert your data quickly and easily into valuable information through SAS Viya.

Analytics Products

Notilyze has a product portfolio consisting of state-of-the-art models and software that customers can use and integrate quickly via our APIs. In addition to our out-of-the-box products it is possible for us to tailer these specifically to your needs or build custom solutions to order.

// Credit Rating

Create a realistic picture of your different target groups' payment behavior and support with risk management.

// Chatbot

Notilyze has developed chatbots for various purposes from customer contact to querying large data sets.

// Object Recognition

Notilyze offers a scalable and cost efficient solution based on proven technology.

// Energy Pattern Recognition

Our expertise with data analytics can be applied to all kinds of sensor data and time series data.

// Marketing Segmentation (CI360)

Notilyze has developed a 360 degree application for marketing optimization.

// Our service-model

With our services we solve common problems for our customers, mostly in the logistical and financial field. The solutions we offer include standardizing and deduplicating data, analyzing structured and unstructured data from various internal and external data sources, and operationalizing analytics in the form of data-driven decisions.

We offer our solutions in a service model, standardized or customer-specific. A standardized service is a service that is already present in the Analytics Platform or that we developed earlier based on industry best practices or experiences with similar companies. For customer-specific services, we develop an algorithm that is completely tailored to your situation.

We offer our services through:


An automated link via API

Customer-specific link

Building a link to the customer's system

Connector Kit

Data exchange via the specially suitable 'connector kit'


A dashboard in which the results are made visible.

// The Notilyze approach

We help our customers to become a data-driven organization by unlocking the potential of their data and derive valuable insights from it, which can then be operationalized in a short time. Data only becomes really valuable when it can be operationalized in different business processes and by different departments. 

This could lead to cost savings, process optimisation, service improvement, and the development of new business models. The Notilyze approach is a fast, proven method for organizations that want to collaborate with experienced Data and Analytics experts to improve their business performance.

"In a fast-moving world where the amount of available data is constantly growing, it is difficult to evaluate and align business strategy and available technologies."

// Why use our service?

With Data Analytics as a Service from Notilyze you benefit from

A high-performance data analytics platform in the cloud

Smart algorithms for deep analysis

Access to expertise from data scientists

Quick insight into data for better decisions

Transparency in costs through a ‘pay-as-you-go model’

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