// Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)
Maximize the potential of tech

Large amounts of data are exchanged in operational processes, transactions, via sensors, and between IoT devices. But how can you create added value for your organization with this data, without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount? Notilyze will observe your current situation and develop a tailor made solution that maximizes the benefits for your business.

'You can drastically cut costs by automating your business processes and operations.'

// AI and IoT Products

Using your organization's historical data on customer questions and responses, we apply our AI application that continuously learns from ongoing interactions. Our AI models deliver relevant data, enabling your organization to efficiently address patterns, exceptions, and risks with greater ease and precision.

Marketing Analytics

Make data-driven decisions based on well-organized data from in tailor-made dashboards.

Image + video recognition

Through a combination of open-source and advanced SAS technology, we help businesses extract value from imagery.

Conversational AI

This is where the collaboration between our IT developers and data scientists comes together.

IoT Analytics

Based on advanced SAS-technology, we help to create business value from IoT data.

SAS Viya

Faster, more productive analytics.

In the world of analytics, performance is literally money – but not all analytics platforms are created equally. SAS® Viya® is the unifying force that delivers significant analytics-driven productivity gains for your organization, including accelerated time to market, improved decision-making and significant cost savings. 

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