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Our analytics platform is based on SAS technology. Through this strategic partnership, we work closely with SAS's R&D department to improve the platform and ensure that our customers benefit from the latest functionality.

In addition to the collaboration with SAS, we closely follow new developments at other organizations involved in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. We also see the growing popularity of open source technologies, such as R, Python and Tensorflow.


Security, stability and uptime are obviously business-critical for our platform. That is why we have selected Sentia as hosting partner. They meet all standards, which ensures that we have a reliable and secure platform for our customers.


We prefer to host our software and services on public cloud on Microsoft Azure, where we can rely on Microsoft to provide the right stability, security and uptime scalability so that we can offer these benefits to our customers. We also mainly use Microsoft techniques such as dotNet and SQL Server when developing the software.

Other technologies

We work with the following (Open Source) technologies, among others

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