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// Data Analytics as a Service

‘We combine Analytics, IT and Cloud to make our customers successful.’


We offer end-to-end services on our Analytics Platform based on SAS technology.

Software development

At Notilyze we believe in Solutions as a Service, we go beyond the standard 'Software as a Service'.


A robust infrastructure determines the user experience of your application.

// Customer cases

Bundles gains insight into IoT data with analytics as a service

Bundles believes in a world without disposable devices and works in accordance with the circular philosophy. That means consumers pay to use devices rather than to own them. Only the best devices are used, and reused. To make this possible, Bundles offers various subscriptions to washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and coffee machines. Users pay per wash or per cup of coffee, or can opt to pay a fixed amount per month. In order to get a real-time picture of the status of the coffee machines, settle up with customers and make maximum use of the generated data, Bundles uses Notilyze’s IoT Analytics as a service.

Our Customers

Credit Management Financial Solutions Payment Services
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// News

First Principles – a data science use case

February 16, 2023

By Paul Koot, Data Scientist at Notilyze

As a data science consultant, I have experienced that a project often starts with a lot of stakeholders who have an abundance of cool ideas and a lot of enthusiasm to start using data. However, this enthusiasm can quickly vanish after realizing that the first, second and maybe third Proof of Value (PoV) all have one factor in common; a customer (or his/her manager) concluding with one of the following remarks: ‘but what can we do with this insight?’ or ‘but now my problem is still not solved, because…’ or even worse: ‘we cannot do anything with your analysis’. 

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// What we do

One goal

We are Notilyze, a Dutch based company with only one goal: to help organizations with data analytics, in such a way that you get the solution that helps you become a more data-driven and successful organization.

Data analytics

The name Notilyze is composed of Notitia, Latin for data, and Analyze. By analyzing data, we give you the knowledge you need to grow your organization. Our aim is to bring data analytics within reach of every department and every company, regardless of size or industry. We do this by offering data analytics as a service.

IT solutions and cloud environment

In addition, we offer IT solutions to properly integrate analytics into existing processes. In order to get started quickly and easily with analytics on the SAS® Viya® platform, we can offer organizations their own cloud environment in addition to our shared Analytics Platform from the cloud.

Analytics Platform

Our advanced Analytics Platform is based on the robust and high-performance technology of SAS. Combined with the in-depth knowledge of our specialists and their years of experience in deploying analytics in organizations, we help you extract valuable information and relevant insights from your data and implement concrete improvements with it.


Data security is a high priority for us and an integral part of our business. We are therefore certified in accordance with the ISO27001 and NEN 7510 standard.

We offer Data Analytics as a Service. This means you do not have to invest in hardware, software and data scientists. You only pay for the services you purchase from our platform.

// Contact

Notilyze B.V.
Stationsplein 45 A4.004
3013 AK Rotterdam
+31 10 798 62 95

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