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Notilyze is an official SAS partner

Our Analytics Platform is based on the high-quality technology of SAS. In our platform we can use all the advanced functionalities that the SAS VIYA Platform offers. This allows us to support all stages of the analytics lifecycle and convert structured, unstructured and streaming data quickly and efficiently into meaningful information.

Through our platform in the cloud, we bring the products and functionalities within reach of any organization. After all, you do not have to invest in hard- and software and do not have any management costs. You only pay for the services you purchase on our platform. Effective and scalable.

'Even if you are a SAS customer or are considering purchasing SAS technology,
we can guide you in this process'

SAS Viya

Faster, more productive analytics.

In the world of analytics, performance is literally money – but not all analytics platforms are created equally. SAS® Viya® is the unifying force that delivers significant analytics-driven productivity gains for your organization, including accelerated time to market, improved decision-making and significant cost savings. 

We specialize in SAS technology

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the application of data analytics, business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence in organizations. In addition, they have extensive experience with SAS technology. That is why we are, like no other, able to make the most of all the possibilities offered by SAS technology in order to provide you with the best possible data analysis.

Supporting you from start to finish

Even if you are a SAS customer or are considering purchasing SAS technology, we can guide you in this and advise you on how to apply data analysis yourself in your organization.

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