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'Data security is a high priority for us and an integral part of our business'

Data analytics, software development and cloud hosting are very data-intensive disciplines in which it should go without saying that information is handled with care. In order to guarantee this, we have set up an Information Security Management System (ISMS), in which we record how we at Notilyze deal with data from ourselves and our customers in the following themes.

Security Measures

Security is one of our top priorities. Here we give an overview of what we do to provide security.

  • Data is fully isolated in a per customer environment.
    Every Notilyze Cloud instance is a separate secured system in which data is saved for that specific environment. No “shared” storage is used for storing customer data. 
  • All traffic from and to the environment is encrypted with strong encryption.
    Traffic to the environment is encrypted with a valid, strong HTTPS certificate and data transferred is possible by using sFTP, also encrypted. This prevents eavesdropping end-to-end. 
  • The environment is build and hardened by SAS headquarters.
    SAS invests a lot of effort in hardening, securing and configuring the software and prove this by having third parties performing penetration tests on every release. Notilyze Cloud also performs these security and penetration tests on a regular basis. 
  • All datacenters as well as the Notilyze organization are ISO27001 certified.
    ISO27001 is an international standard for information security. It specifies the implementation and maintenance of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Notilyze is also fully certified for all services she provides to customers. 
  • No physical access except for Notilyze Cloud staff that need to do maintenance.
    All datacenters are secured by 24×7 security on site. Nobody can get in without proper identification or proper registration. The locations from where Notilyze hosts her services are only accessible by certified personnel working for Notilyze. All personnel is properly screened and must possess a valid certificate of conduct.
  • Only HTTPS is accessible from the internet.
    We work of the principle that only the necessary ports and applications are opened that need to be opened to access and use the application. All traffic is terminated on a hardware SSL off loader. Traffic gets decrypted and inspected before ever reaching the environment. This means we have a lot of insight on what kind of traffic is actually accessing the environments.
  • 24×7 monitoring for unexpected behavior.
    We monitor the application 24×7. This means that the environment is monitored permanently and that every interruption or unexpected behavior is directly alerted to our 24×7 monitoring team. We can intervene or solve any problems that might occur in the running environments. 
  • Cancellation of contract with data removal.
    After deleting the environment the customer data is also permanently deleted. After a grace period of 30 days, the backups are also deleted in a way they can never be recovered. 


    How do we guarantee the accessibility and availability of data at the desired times?


    How do we guarantee the correctness, completeness and timely processing of data?


    Who can access the data and according to which procedures, which data is stored and during what period?

    ISO27001 & NEN 7510 standard
    ISO27001 is an internationally recognized standard that describes how to deal with information security processes within these themes. In order to work with Dutch healthcare customers, it is also important to be able to demonstrate that the security of patient data is guaranteed and that it complies with the NEN 7510 standard set by the government.

    Data security is a high priority for us and an integral part of our business. Because Notilyze serves a wide range of customers, we have chosen to certify the standards for both. By obtaining the certifications, Notilyze proves that it meets the strict requirements for this.

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