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'It takes a successful marriage between data science and IT to create custom chatbots'

In chatbots, the growth of AI is clearly noticeable, questions such as; what is the sentiment of a user asking the question? How do I give a satisfactory answer? What questions should I ask to handle this or make referral to an employee as efficient as possible?

Giving the right answer or asking an extra question revolves around significant amounts of data and requires a technical solution that is scalable & agile.

'At Notilyze we have experience in linking up with various major players in this field'

At Notilyze, we believe since our inception that meeting these challenges requires a successful marriage between data science and IT, which is why we are the ideal partner to create custom chatbots.
From the IT side, we ensure that the unlocking of the AI ‚Äč‚Äčlogic is done with the latest techniques at API level, for example a scalable solution that is available at quiet times but costs as little as possible that dynamically scales during peak hours. In the background, the various microservices communicate through gRPC interfaces, ensuring lightning-fast response times.

If the back is in place, it is of course also important to ensure that the various incoming channels are covered. At Notilyze we have experience in linking up with various major players in this field, such as; Zendesk, Whatsapp, Discord, Telegram, Slack and of course within your own website. These solutions enable your customers to help themselves, if a case is too complex this will enriched by the system before it is passed on to an employee which can then as efficiently as possible answer the most complex casus. Thanks to the chatbot the employees have the time to give these exotic scenario's the attention they require.

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