// Marketing Segmentation (CI360)
'Notilyze has developed a 360 degree application for marketing optimization'

Almost every business deals with approaching potential customers. There is still much to be gained in these processes, because segmenting customers and integrating a campaign or mailing with the visit on the website or in an app is not so easy for many companies. Notilyze has developed a 360 degree application for marketing optimization. Not only the right moment to send a message, but also the right target group and the data collection to connect all those things are integrated into a solution by us.

For this application we often work together with SAS CI360, but we can also deliver this for other suppliers of Customer Intelligence applications. For the marketing department, this leads to less dependence on IT and data analysis teams, which means that they can respond more quickly to the situation.

// Advantages

Quickly implementable addition to an existing Customer Intelligence environment

Operate more independently of the IT and Analysis departments

Better insight into the behavior of customers and prospects

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