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Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

Bundles believes in a world without disposable devices and works in accordance with the circular philosophy. That means consumers pay to use devices rather than to own them. Only the best devices are used, and reused. To make this possible, Bundles offers various subscriptions to washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and coffee machines. Users pay per wash or per cup of coffee, or can opt to pay a fixed amount per month. In order to get a real-time picture of the status of the coffee machines, settle up with customers and make maximum use of the generated data, Bundles uses Notilyze’s IoT Analytics as a service.

Provide service based on energy consumption data
The devices that Bundles supplies to customers are connected to the internet via special plugs. “These are used to measure the power consumption of the device”, says Marcel Peters, founder and CEO of Bundles. “Based on the data generated by the plugs, you can identify usage patterns. This not only helps us keep track of how many cups of coffee people have made using the device and send out an invoice, we also use those insights to offer services. For instance, if three times as much coffee is drunk as normal, we can send an alert to ask whether people want to order extra coffee beans. Or if we see that a lot of cappuccinos are being drunk, we can recommend a coffee bean that is particularly suitable for cappuccino. In this way, you can show that you are contributing ideas and really make a difference to the customer experience.”

In order to analyze the data from the coffee machines, Bundles opted for Notilyze’s IoT Analytics as a service. “Right at the start we did this manually, but as soon as the number of customers increased we needed to automate”, says Peters. A collaboration with Notilyze was a logical step. “We knew the founders and we knew they had a lot of expertise in this field. Besides, Bundles and Notilyze are both young and dynamic organizations, which makes it easier to understand one another.”

Data on power consumption
The plugs of the coffee machines which Bundles installs at clients, automatically send data on power consumption to Notilyze. Peters: “They then enrich the data. Based on an analysis, they send us data on the number of cups of coffee made so that we can invoice our clients and also identify patterns. The advantage is that we don’t have to build those analyses ourselves. You need to realize that new data comes in every second. It quickly becomes too much for Excel to handle. Because we can buy IoT Analytics as a service from Notilyze, we are very flexible, the costs are transparent and we have the experience of a data scientist at our disposal without having to hire one ourselves.”

In order to make maximum use of the data generated by the devices, Bundles works with different dashboards that display specific insights for various departments and purposes. For example, there is a dashboard for customer service which shows if the power supply to the device is broken off abruptly or is not used for a time. There is also a special dashboard with data relevant to the service technicians. This allows them to see the service history of the coffee machine at a glance. It also makes it easier to estimate how much time is needed for a repair and which spare parts they need to take with them. Another important dashboard has been created for the developers and suppliers of the devices offered by Bundles. This allows them to see how their devices are used and which functionality is used the most. They can use this knowledge when developing future products.

Improving customer experience
“The great thing about the professionals at Notilyze is that they know the business field and so don’t just have an excellent command of the technology. They look at what is happening in the business and then consider what else they can do with the data and which insights may be of value. For us, the data and the analyses must yield something for the customer. That’s what it’s about: improving the customer experience.”

Peters has big plans for growing Bundles: “Notilyze can certainly add value. The nice thing about working with them is that we don’t have to invest in algorithms ourselves. We can simply make use of existing models. We are also constantly in touch with them about how we can work even smarter. We believe that by bringing together different data sources, you gain insights that enable you to cut costs and/or enrich the customer experience. Because it is so important for our business, we are looking at how we can invest internally in knowledge of analytics to be able to do more with the analyses based on different perspectives.”

Bright future
“Bundles is constantly evolving. It is important to us that Notilyze can move with us, that they know what we are talking about and are able to respond to that. Sometimes they are almost too good – they are very capable and they could build you a Ferrari, whereas for us a more modest model is sufficient at the moment. In my view, Notilyze has a bright future ahead of it”, concludes Peters.

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