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Building on more than 25 years of experience in food, (bio)chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries, HAI is recognized as thought leader in innovative cloud solutions for Digital Manufacturing, Quality, Analytics and Continuous Improvement. 

The first time HAI*QPM contacted us, they were very successful with their product, which is a SAP extension that supported operators in their strive towards the best product at the highest efficiency. The challenge they had was the dependency on the SAP platform (and required license), they also had problems when the plants became larger the amounts of data would become a barrier from a performance perspective. 

The primairy market share of HAI*QPM focusses on the food industry, or as HAI*QPM puts it ‘bakken en roeren, geen bouten en moeren’, or in English; ‘Baking and Stirring, no nuts and bolts’. The food industry is wonderfully innovative but some things are also done in a way they have been for years. Innovation is often centered around the products that are produces and less about the process of producing these products. 

With the right tools supporting the process it can quickly become apparent that there is a lot to be gained by looking at the data that is produced as part of process. A quick of things that can quickly be learned are: 

  • What variables are primarily responsible for the highest quality product 
  • How emissions such as CO2 and Nitrogen can be reduced 
  • Which points of the process are the current bottlenecks 
  • How waste can be reduced 

    In the past we had done analytical work with the team of HAI*QPM and as they started looking for the right partner for them to work on the next iteration of their software it quickly became apparent to them that Notilyze would be that partner. 

    Data collection 
    In order to be able to draw the above conclusions it is paramount that you have enough points of reference within your process. This is why HAI*QPM and we at Notilyze strongly believe in measuring in as many places as feasible and as often as makes sense. Sure, it is important to know that the temperature in your process reached the 100°C mark but that doesn’t tell you: 

    • The amount of power and/or gas needed to get there 
    • Time spend getting to that set point 
    • The starting off temperature 
    • When (and if) the temperature started leveling of during the heating process 
    • The time the temperature was above 80°C 
    • How long it took for the temperature reached 60°C after the cooling down started 

    This is just a grasp at some examples that might seem logical to you as a reader but all these datapoints combined can greatly help us reach the manufacturers main goal: Striking the perfect balance between quality, waste and effort.

    Based on the years and years of experience within the domain of HAI*QPM we built a system that would allow the smaller manufacturers to start on their road towards having a data-driven plant. Stop using paper, Excel, Word files and other system that are prone to errors, hard to administrate properly and cumbersome. With the hai-app we offer a solution that can start as small as you need it to but is able to scale and grow with you as your demands change and you keep setting higher standards for your processes. 

    The system is build cloud minded, meaning we can host it on our secure platform where we are able to scale up or down as needs change. For customers that prefer running everything on their own servers with their own people responsible for their systems this is also possible!  

    With hai-app.io we have a product that can help change the manufacturing world, together with manufacturers we can help reduce waste, improve quality and actually work towards CO2 neutrality!

    Our current focus is the food industry, but during the development process of the product it became clear that the potential for adaptation in other industries and fields is something we will also be investigating the coming period.

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