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Notilyze launches Center of Excellence for SAS Viya

We are proud to announce the launch of our Center of Excellence for SAS Viya! This allows us to provide organizations with a smooth and efficient transition to SAS' latest analytics platform, continuing our commitment to delivering advanced data analytics services and solutions. 

SAS Viya, the innovative analytics platform by global software giant SAS, represents a significant leap in data analytics and AI capabilities. Notilyze is well-equipped to assist organizations in harnessing the full potential of SAS Viya, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including hosted SAS Viya environments in their sovereign EU cloud, support for public cloud deployments, and on-premise solutions. Additionally, Notilyze provides expert guidance to clients looking to migrate their existing SAS code and content to SAS Viya, a feat they have successfully accomplished for multiple customers over the past year.

Steve Harris, Vice President EMEA & AP Alliances & Channels at SAS, expressed his appreciation for the SAS-Notilyze partnership, stating, "Notilyze has been an invaluable partner in driving the adoption of SAS Viya. Their proficiency in hosting SAS Viya environments, coupled with their expertise in the usage, administration, and migration to the platform, adds significant value to our clients. We applaud their skills and dedication to helping organizations make a seamless transition to our advanced analytics platform."

After a successful collaboration, the Municipality of Waalwijk (the Netherlands) attests to the benefits of Notilyze’s services: "Notilyze played a pivotal role in our journey to SAS Viya. Their guidance and support in migrating our SAS environments and content to the Notilyze cloud were instrumental in enhancing our data analytics capabilities, ultimately leading to better business insights and decision-making."

Notilyze’s co-founder Colin Nugteren highlighted the importance of this milestone, saying, "Our Center of Excellence for SAS Viya reinforces our commitment to empowering organizations with the latest advancements in data analytics. Since SAS Viya’s initial release, we have been bundling our knowledge on hosting, migrating, support, and implementation. We are excited to help our clients leverage SAS Viya's capabilities for data-driven success and innovation."

The launch of Notilyze's Center of Excellence for SAS Viya represents a significant stride in the realm of data analytics, cementing their role as a trusted partner for organizations seeking to harness the power of SAS Viya. With a track record of successful migrations and a strong partnership with SAS, Notilyze is well-prepared to support clients on their journey towards data analytics excellence.

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