Notilyze and SAS fuel Dutch smart-city initiative with predictive analytics for IoT

Today, SAS issued a press statement about how SAS AI solutions are making everything from chatbots to cities and hospitals smarter. Notilyze is featured with our project with our partner VitrumNet on predictive analytics for IoT.

Full press release:

Notilyze and SAS fuel Dutch smart-city initiative with predictive analytics for IoT
The Drecht Cities (Drechtsteden) in the Netherlands have been investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technologies for more than 15 years. VitrumNet, a digital-infrastructure network of 26 municipalities, schools and healthcare organizations, embodies this smart-city initiative. Through VitrumNet, the Drecht Cities are pursuing a digitally connected region, and Dutch analytics startup Notilyze adds advanced analytics with help from SAS.

Through a customized AI solution that includes visualization, optimization, forecasting and machine learning, the Drecht Cities can analyze streaming data from sensors across the network. Connected residents and businesses can measure water, air or energy with sensors monitoring things like temperature, flow, carbon dioxide and power. The sensor data is then combined with other available data sources to feed the machine learning models.

“The marriage of IoT data and artificial intelligence is powering the Drecht Cities,” says Colin Nugteren, Notilyze’s founder and CEO. “Our work with SAS allows us to analyze the constant flow of information quickly to better advise the smart city project. We’re able to offer insights that once seemed unfeasible – from forecasting future temperature or water quality, to predicting device failure so that the region can ensure preventive maintenance.”

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