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How Sas Innovate on Tour Reignited Our Passion for Data Analytics

Our recent journey with SAS Innovate on Tour presented us with the opportunity to showcase our capabilities and make meaningful connections across three vibrant cities: Frankfurt, Rotterdam, and London. Our team's presence at this esteemed event series was marked by insightful presentations, engaging activities, and significant achievements. Here’s a recap of the highlights from our tour.

A Strong Presence Across Three Locations

Our journey began with setting up our booth at each of the three locations. From Frankfurt to Rotterdam, and finally to London, we had the pleasure of engaging with a diverse audience. Each city brought its own unique energy, and we were excited to share our innovations and learn from others in the industry.

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Notilyze Merchandise Goodie Bags: A Hit!

One of the standout moments from the events was the enthusiastic response to our Notilyze merchandise goodie bags. Packed with exciting items, these bags became a popular attraction, drawing attendees to our booth and sparking many interesting conversations about our work and vision.

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Collaborative Innovation with SAS

Our collaboration with SAS was a highlight of the tour. Combining our strengths, we demonstrated how our partnership drives innovation in the field of data analytics. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and it was inspiring to see the positive reactions from attendees.


Insightful Presentation by Paul Koot

A significant highlight was the presentation by our data scientist, Paul Koot. He spoke about "Smart Data Search," a groundbreaking project designed for a Belgian government entity to simplify labor policy queries. Paul's insights were well-received, and his presentation showcased our commitment to leveraging data for meaningful solutions.

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Celebrating Our Data Scientists

We are incredibly proud of our data scientists who achieved certifications for successfully completing the SAS hackathon bootcamp. Their dedication and hard work were evident, and it was a proud moment for our team to see their efforts recognized.


Fun and Engagement at the SAS 'Data' Ball Pit

Our team had an absolute blast diving into the SAS 'data' ball pit. This fun activity was more than just play; it symbolized the excitement and value we find in data exploration. It was a unique way to connect with the event’s spirit and provided some light-hearted moments of team bonding.

Throughout the tour, we made numerous meaningful connections with industry peers, potential clients, and other innovators. The discussions and interactions we had were invaluable, and we are thrilled with the new relationships formed.

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Reflecting on #NotilyzeOnTour

As we reflect on our participation in SAS Innovate on Tour, we are filled with pride and satisfaction. Our team’s efforts and the wonderful experiences we had made this journey a great success. We look forward to continuing our innovative work and fostering the relationships we built during this tour.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth, engaged with us, and contributed to making this tour memorable. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Notilyze!

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