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The COUNTDOWN project aims to use data in the logistics chain to minimize pollution, waste, spillage and loss of goods. With this goal, optimization of the operating result and optimization of sustainability come together. Within the COUNTDOWN consortium, we have started to bring together and provide insight into all the different data sources, including sensor data, that are involved.

Sensor network for optimal logistics process
The aim of the COUNTDOWN project is to collect enough information by setting up a sensor network to monitor the logistics process of goods. This includes various aspects, including quality monitoring during transport, during unloading and loading and storage, and driving behaviour. All this comes together in a 'delivery score', which is an indication of the quality of delivery. But the individual scores are also useful for different parties.

Combining data sources
The project started with the integration of sensors in the entire logistics chain. Temperature and shock sensors were placed in pallets. In addition location data, speed data and special events, for example a sharp right turn or an abrupt braking action, were extracted from vehicles. We then combined this data and enriched it with other data sources, such as the current outside temperature. Ultimately, we created individual dashboards for the various aspects mentioned, which provide insight into the data from a set of test drives. A total 'delivery score' has also been made, which quickly provides insight into which trips have encountered problems, after which these trips can be analyzed further.

Data visualization
This project shows that in some cases a clear dashboard can make a big difference as a first step. With this dashboard it is possible to quickly view specific aspects of the data, without the need for complex models. This makes it possible to quickly see whether a certain temperature has been exceeded for certain pallets, which can be at the expense of the quality of the goods.

In order to communicate this even more easily to the end user from a user point of view, we have applied a second method parallel to the dashboard to unlock data. Via a chatbot, integrated into Telegram, an end user can easily run specific queries for a certain trip, to see if the process has run smoothly.

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