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'Making data-driven decisions based on models and business rules'

By analyzing data we create meaningful information and relevant insights, which directly add value within your business operations.

That is exactly what we do with our Decision Management Service; make and automate data-driven decisions based on business rules and models. Putting decisions into production. With Decision Management we integrate predictive analytics, business rules, analytical model management and data management to improve your decision making.

Applying decision management can enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and position businesses for success in today's data-driven economy.

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Empower your decisions with predictive payment insights. Based on your data, we can provide a realistic picture of the payment behavior of different target groups and support with risk management.

Notilyze has been specializing in decision management for years.

Our Decision Management Service is based on our many years of experience in operationalizing data with proven SAS-technology. In this way we offer a consistent framework for the most current information, originating from batch processes or real-time operations. It helps us select the right analytical models. We also use this to define the business rules that determine the context for use in production.

In this way, your organization has one common environment in which you authorize and roll out the decisions. This simplifies the validation of the complete decision-making process and ensures version control, compliance and traceability. The decision logic can be defined unambiguously once and then applied to multiple processes.

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Decision Management?

Take better and more accurate decisions

Speed up your decision-making process

Make your decisions consistent, repeatable and measurable

Save on your resources

Optimize processes

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