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Keeping track of hospital equipment is an extremely complex task with assets such as pumps, hospital beds and wheelchairs often being misplaced. Consequently, medical staff loses valuable time every day searching for the right equipment.  

Our customer Blyott Remote Insights Platform & Analytics believes Medical staff shouldn’t have to spend time manually searching for hospital assets. They should be allowed more time on what drives them and what they do best: providing care. 

Blyott takes advantage of the SAS platform offered by Notilyze. With millions of records sensor data per week storage for analytics is unlimited and the development team can focus on two main challenges: 

  1. Operational clarity (what is the status now): 
    a. Asset catalogue (where in use, in maintenance & available);
    b. and Assets in undesired locations.
  2. Managerial insights for Finance, Procurement & Logistics (over a selectable period of time): 
    a. Utilization of equipment (trends); 
    b. Motion patterns of Assets; 
    c. Availability of Assets; 
    d. Billing based on use. 

        With SAS® Visual Analytics it is easy to see where beds are available now without contacting Departments: 

        Asset managers would like to know if this is always the case or are there patterns in time over multiple locations?

        or for just one very important location:

        Procurement can check the utilization of assets:

        With these insights Medical staff can work more effectively for the benefit of the patients and the hospital operates more efficiently without the administrative hassle.

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