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Introducing Notilyze Cloud: The Next Chapter for SaasNow

Following the successful launch of our Center of Excellence for SAS Viya, we are excited to announce a significant rebranding within our organization. Our sister company, SaasNow, will from now on continue to operate under the name Notilyze Cloud. This strategic rebranding aligns with our commitment of providing comprehensive and integrated data analytics solutions under the Notilyze umbrella. 

Notilyze Cloud: Full-Service Hosting for SAS Viya Environments 
At Notilyze Cloud, we are dedicated to providing the same high-quality, full-service hosting solutions you know from SaasNow, ensuring your operations run seamlessly and efficiently. Based in the European Union, we prioritize data residency within the EU to help you meet regulatory and compliance requirements. 

While our roots are in the EU, we are committed to serving you, our clients, worldwide. Our robust infrastructure and dedicated support team ensure that no matter where you are, you can benefit from our advanced hosting solutions. 

Notilyze Cloud offers flexible hosting options tailored to meet your diverse needs: 

  • Private Datacenter in Amsterdam: Our state-of-the-art datacenter in Amsterdam provides secure, high-performance hosting for clients prioritizing data residency and compliance within the EU. 
  • Public Cloud Providers: For those who prefer the scalability and flexibility of public cloud services, we offer hosting on leading public cloud platforms, giving you the freedom to choose the best environment for your needs. 

Trusted Partner of SAS 
Many SAS customers and SAS partners trust Notilyze Cloud to provide reliable and efficient hosting services. Our close collaboration with SAS ensures that you can continue using our services seamlessly, benefiting from our expertise in managing SAS environments. You can deploy your environment entirely through self-service, providing you with the flexibility and control needed to manage your analytics infrastructure efficiently.  

Why Is There Need for a Rebranding? 
The renaming to Notilyze Cloud underscores our unified vision and mission to deliver unparalleled analytics, IT, and cloud services. By consolidating our brand, we strengthen our position as leading provider of data-driven solutions and enhance our ability to support you with a cohesive and comprehensive service portfolio. 

What Can I Expect From the Rebranding? 

  • Uninterrupted Services: The rebranding will not affect the quality or continuity of services. You can expect the same reliable support and performance that SaasNow has always delivered. 
  • Enhanced Integration: As Notilyze Cloud, we will leverage the combined strengths of our analytics and cloud services to offer you even more innovative solutions. 
  • Data Residency Assurance: Our EU-based operations ensure that data residency and compliance with European regulations remain a top priority, providing you with peace of mind.  
  • Global Service: No matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of our hosting solutions, benefiting from our expertise and infrastructure. 
  • Trusted by SAS: Many SAS customers and SAS partners rely on Notilyze Cloud for their hosting needs and will continue to receive the same level of service and support. 

About Notilyze and SaasNow 
Founded in 2015, SaasNow introduced a unique monthly subscription model that revolutionized how businesses access and deploy analytics environments. Since becoming part of Notilyze in 2018, SaasNow has continued to innovate and deliver exceptional service, now under the name Notilyze Cloud. 

Notilyze is dedicated to helping organizations become successful through data-driven solutions. With a focus on analytics, IT, and cloud services, we provide end-to-end support to ensure our clients achieve measurable results. Our advanced Analytics Platform, based on SAS technology, and our team of experts enable organizations to harness the power of data for growth and innovation. 

Contact Information 

Notilyze B.V. 
Stationsplein 45 A4.004 
3013 AK Rotterdam 
+31 10 798 62 95 

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We look forward to continuing our journey with you under our new name, Notilyze Cloud, and driving your success through innovative and reliable cloud hosting solutions for SAS Viya. 

Thank you for your continued trust and support. 


Tom Dogger and Colin Nugteren 

Founders of Notilyze 

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Notilyze B.V.
Stationsplein 45 A4.004
3013 AK Rotterdam
+31 10 798 62 95

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