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In every modern organization there are one or more software solutions that are invaluable for business operations. However, this software also brings its own challenges: How do you make sure it keeps up and running? Can the software move with our ambitions and wishes? What if we want to switch to Cloud hosted, or back again?

At Notilyze we believe in Solutions as a Service, in which we go a step further than the traditional 'Software as a Service'. We believe that (support in) hosting and maintenance of the software is one of the aspects necessary to help our customers achieve their ambitions. Together with our customers, we like to take that extra step to ensure that the solutions we provide fit and continue to fit your organization perfectly.

Our service-model

Notilyze distinguishes itself by combining knowledge of IT and data analysis in every application to achieve a future-proof result. The software is designed to be scalable for large amounts of data and users. Because we deliver the software from the Cloud, we offer this very flexibly. One of our design principles is that software is built openly, not only through a user interface that is designed for users, but through APIs so that it is accessible to other systems.

The open architecture in combination with the AI ‚Äč‚Äčspecialists in our team provides smart analyzes on the collected data that we use for optimization of decisions and processes. In other words, the software continuously learns from the new data and in this way the system continues to deliver better performance.

Why use our service?

With Solution as a Service from Notilyze you benefit from

Years of experience in data-driven software development

A high-quality software solution in the cloud

Scalable applications for small or large amounts of data/users

Open architecture for integrations with customers, suppliers and other systems

Smart algorithms for deep analysis

Transparency in costs through a ‘pay-as-you-go model’ 

In a fast-moving world where the amount of available data is constantly growing, it is difficult to evaluate and align business strategy and available technologies.

Depending on your wishes, this can of course be varied, but for most customers the process is as follows;

  • Conversations with the Solution Architects in which we look together at the current challenges and challenges that can be expected in the next 2-4 years
  • Based on the first conversations, a proposal for a 'Minimum Viable Product' follows
  • We will work together to realize this MVP in an average of 9-12 weeks, during which we meet regularly to show the progress and to refine where necessary
  • When the 'Minimum Viable Product' is ready, it will be put into operation

After going live
As soon as the Solution as a Service has been put into operation it really starts, together with you we will iteratively look at which extensions/adjustments are needed to ensure that the solution remains appropriate over time. We also take care of the hosting, updates and security to completely unburden the customer. Of course there is also a professional Service Desk ready to answer questions when necessary.

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