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Notilyze at RoboCafé

Februari 19, 2018

On Tuesday February 20, 2018, Notilyze will, in collaboration with SAS, present at the Data Science in Action meets RoboCafé meetup. Colin Nugteren – co-founder of Notilyze – and Mark Bakker- data strategist at SAS – will elaborate on why it is important in Robotics to build Robust AI systems that will engender ‘trust’ in today’s AI applications as well as work towards the development of AI that will be beneficial to society today and in the future.

Notilyze at Big Data Expo 2017

September 19, 2017

Notilyze will be presenting a case study at the Big Data Expo 2017. During our presentation titled Lean Mean Data Science Machine, we show the necessary steps from an agile start with Data Science to an automated end-to-end Analytics street using a real-life client case, and explain how our Notilyze Analytics Platform can help organization get the full potential from their data.

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